Promises! Promises!

John 16:15

"All things that the Father hath are mine!"

John 6:37

"All that the Father giveth me shall come to me!"

Psalm 145:16

"Thou satisfiest the desire of every living thing!"

Judges 19:19

"There is no want of anything!"

I Kings 8:56

"There hath not failed one word of all his good promise!"

Habukkuk 2:3

"It will surely come, it will not tarry!"


Two elements of grammatical usage employed as God's definition of Himself when speaking to Moses from the burning bush - "I AM THAT I AM!" (Exodus 3:14) - provide a powerhouse of spiritual energy when applied to prayer: "I" (the first-person singular) and "AM" (the present tense).
Putting these elements to work for you in reading the first verse of the 23rd Psalm excites the imagination: "The Lord is my shepherd; I DO not want." ("Want" signifies "lack" in this instance.) Changing the tense from the future (The original reads, "I shall not want.") helps you see that there is no waiting period for good when you are in God's presence. When you are one of the shepherd's flock, you can have prosperity NOW!


II Kings 25:30

This extraordinary verse supplies you with an affirmation that activates the law of divine supply. Applying the principle of first-person singular in the present tense (as in "I AM") to II Kings 25:30 constitutes a host of "angels of supply" filling your consciousness with the resources available to you through effective prayer. This verse, when read according to this principle, uncovers buried treasure WAITING FOR YOU TO CLAIM IT now:

And MY allowance IS a continual allowance given ME of the king (MY FATHER), a daily rate for every day, all the days of MY life.

Use of the first-person singular individualizes infinite power, and use of the present tense makes it available TODAY! You are indeed in paradise!


Psalm 33:3 "Sing unto (the Lord) a new song!"

The following prayer incorporates the power of "I AM." It is based on the three most dramatically supply-oriented verses of the King James Version of the Bible:
Psalm 23:1
II Kings 25:30
I Chronicles 4:10
Using something similar to it in your daily practice sessions will help to make available to you the divine per diem, your daily allowance supplied by the source of all good. It gives you access to an infinite and eternal expense account!


"I live in God's kingdom; I do not lack anything! My allowance is a continual allowance given to me by the king, my Father; a daily rate for every day, all the days of my life! I am blessed, indeed, as opportunities increase before me, and I feel myself steadied by ideas, by angels of supply, coming to me from God, good, to fight any suggestion of lack. This prayer cannot be reversed! God is the source of my income! His goodness meets my every need!"


The Angels of Supply Prayer does not constitute a formula for "making money." Supply comes to us in an infinite variety of ways, and it is much more than money, but money and its good uses must be factored in when dealing with the human equation. There is no formula for achieving effective prayer. Each prayer is an individual experience of spiritual inspiration you share with God, your highest sense of good. There are, however, guidelines you may follow to help establish the right frame of mind quickly.
Let's compare it to placing a telephone call to someone you love and who loves you. First, you pick up the receiver and put it to your ear to make sure the line is operative. Then, you punch or dial a specific set of digits or characters into the system. You can hear those busy little sounds rushing like angels to the loved one's telephone. You wait expectantly while the other telephone rings. When his or her voice answers, you are filled with joy. In prayer, of course, you expect to hear the "voice" of God.
How do you dial the divine telephone number? Try this technique:
  1. Think about heaven. Whatever heaven means to you, concentrate on it. Plunge right into it as though it were a cool stream or an inviting forest glade. Thoughts about heaven should be refreshing, satisfying and wonderful. Just mentally BE there,
  2. Refuse to accept your problem as unsolvable. Mentally shout it down. Don't let it talk to you. Tell yourself that there is no room in your special heaven for unhappiness or lack of any kind. Deny that the problem has any power over you whatsoever.
  3. Declare that only good is true. If the problem is money, declare that you have enough money for every need. If it is sickness, declare that you have plenty of health to defeat it. Absolutely KNOW that you are telling yourself the truth. Believe it!
  4. Thank God for the good you already have. Praise good for every good thing you have in your life. Good is never unimportant, whether it is something done for you or whether it is something you do for someone else. Look for the good in everything. Goodness is always there somewhere.
  5. Listen for the answer. Whatever it is, THAT is God's voice! Expect it. Maintain an attitude of expectancy for as long as possible after you finish your prayer. The answer will reveal itself as an idea, as a friend, as a letter, as a check, as a job opportunity, or perhaps as a chance to express love to someone who needs it more than you do. Be alert. Be awake. Be aware. God's answer can come in a multitude of ways, some of which may seem to be no more than a faint whisper. But if you have cultivated a stillness in the center of your being, you will hear!


As you let thought rise to the realization that everything you need comes from God, the most unexpected good flows abundantly into your life in the most surprisingly unlabored manner. Angels of supply require only the open door of spiritual acceptance of God's goodness and willingness to share it with you for them to flood into every corner of your daily life. To keep that door open, you must share with others as God has shared with you.

And thank YOU for sharing this course with ME!

Col. Brockman Morris

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