Dad and Mother are on the left. She is pregnant with me. Dad's fist is lifted, probably in jest, but Mother learned fast that his fist was no joke. At the right are Dad's parents, Reverend Alf and Ginny. Dad's sister, Lucy Beulah, "Auntie Boo," is in the middle. Mother and Beulah were partners in a "sister" act called "Southern Belles." Beulah played the piano, and Mother sang ballads in ante-bellum costume. Alf and Ginny strongly disapproved. Alf's turning away from Mother, as he does here, became a habit - to the point where he left her out when he wrote a massive family geneaology. According to Ginny's sister-in-law, my beloved "Aunt Harris" Given (great-aunt, really), who was buried on her 98th birthday, jealous Ginny may have insisted upon it.

Dad and Auntie Boo are on the left, doubtless on the edge of a golf course, judging from Dad's plus-fours. Golf may have been his greatest passion apart from the two much younger women he would marry in his life of 77 years. He had a pint-size set of golf clubs made for me when I was about six, but the game never "took" with me. It still bores my sox off. On the right, Mother stands in a pretty dress looking pretty pretty herself. She loves pretty clothes and probably remembers just about every outfit she ever owned. Still pregnant with me. I was a long time coming. Nine whole months.

Timeline Pictorial 1934-1939

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