Behold, I have set before thee
an open door, and no man can shut it.

Revelation 3:8

These lessons are designed to stimulate imaginative use of the Bible as a powerful tool to aid in working out the problems of daily existence in spiritual terms.
Non-denominational in its approach, Angels of Supply makes no attempt to interfere with personal religious beliefs by preaching dogmatism or fundamentalist theology. This course of instruction may be used by persons of varied religious persuasions simply as a means to achieving an answer to human need.
Every man, woman and child in the world has the right to his or her own beliefs in spiritual matters and should be free to practice those beliefs as long as they harm no one nor any living thing, nor interfere with another's individual sovreignty over his or her own affairs. This is the only doctrine to which the author subscribes emphatically.
Spiritual studies should reveal ideas which serve to unite, rather than divide, mankind. It is the mission of humanity to minister to and benefit one another in that highest expression of God-likeness, "love."

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